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Arbiter Athlete

It is a tracking system that CHSAS is using to help with eligibility. They are able to track how many semesters a student has played, if they transfer and if they are eligible to participate. All athletes trying out for a team must set up an account and then invite their parents to set up an account.

At the November Booster Club meeting, we discussed two payments that may be due on behalf of your prospective player (note that these are not mandatory and are determined by your player's involvement in different activities):

  • Winter hitting fee ($150.00) - this one-time fee covers the costs incurred by the Booster Club to provide offseason hitting to the players at Thunder Academy, beginning in November and continuing through February. This fee is not paid to the school, but rather the Booster Club, and will not be reflected in the school's Payforit system. If your player is participating in offseason hitting at Thunder, we encourage you to make this payment. 
  • Spring trip payments - we are excited for the spring trip next March for our Varsity and Junior Varsity teams, and need to start collecting payments to cover travel costs that the Booster Club pays in advance of the trip. We estimate that the trip will cost $1,375.00, which is consistent with last year's trip cost. To help spread those costs out for families, we proposed a payment schedule as follows:
    • November 15 - $300.00
    • January 15 - $300.00
    • February 15 - $300.00
    • March 15 - remaining balance, once teams are selected

If your player is a Varsity or Junior Varsity level player and intends to go on this trip, we ask that you start making payments towards the total cost. You can also choose to pay the spring trip cost of $1,375 in full and disregard the payment schedule. In the event that your player doesn't participate in the trip, we will refund you the money that you pay towards the trip cost. As with the winter hitting fee, payments for the spring trip will be due to the Legacy Baseball Boosters and not handled through the school. 

Ways to Make Payments

We have set up 5 different ways to receive payments to LBB. Note that LBB is separate from Legacy High School and doesn't use the school Payforit system to accept payments. 

1. Cash or Check (payable to Legacy Baseball Boosters, with your player's name and purpose of the payment in the memo field of the check), mailed to:

Legacy Baseball Boosters

2205 W. 136th Ave., Ste 106-125

Broomfield, CO  80023

2. Zelle direct bank-to-bank payment (, Legacy Baseball as payee with the purpose of the payment noted); no bank charges for this transaction. Many banks offer this service through their websites. 

3. Player account transfer, to the extent of your available balance earned from King Soopers cards, banner sales, etc. 

4. Credit card payments through Square (subject to a processing fee) - please contact Jason Esplin @ to use this payment method

5. Venmo - @Legacy-BaseballBoosters, please include player name and purpose for the payment